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  1. Ranger850

    Thanks to those who served

    It's Veteran's Day, and i would like to thank all of the Military Members here on TRS, Thank you and i salute you for the courage and honor it takes to serve on the US Military.
  2. Ranger850

    PayPal woes

    So I got a set of chrome door handles from a guy on the Nissan forum. He sent them before I could pay, said" it's not a problem". got them and payed him with PayPal on Oct.31. Installed the door handles, posted it on Instagram, giving him all credit and accolades for being a stand up guy for...
  3. Ranger850

    Dumb questions about VIN #'s & other STUFFS

    1. How do VINs work as far as "switching frames" goes. 1b. Is the VIN attached to the chassis or the body. In "attached" I mean, not physically, but Parts #'s wise. 1c. Is the VIN physically attached to the frame anywhere? 2. Does the DMV in your state even care if the frame has been...
  4. Ranger850

    '88 Nissan "850" D21 HardBody

    So this was my grandad's last vehicle he ever owned, before passing away. My Dad sold it to his buddy, about 5-6 years ago. Unfortunately, he also passed away, and my dad bought it back to help his mother offset the funeral costs. So fast forward to now, and I have it. Nothing special, I4...
  5. Ranger850

    BuCougar 125k
  6. Ranger850

    62 F100 unibody

    So my dad just acquired this beauty, needs a little work. I once heard that PANTHER front suspensions will fit these older fords, does anybody know anything about that, or these trucks in particular
  7. Ranger850

    Less of me

    Well guys, My Ranger is STILL waiting for me to find a donor, BUT the good news is, I got my Nissan D21 running and stopping with insurance and tags. So I will be spending more time over at the forum, and less time here. I know most of you active...
  8. Ranger850

    anybody seen 1 of these before

    this truck had a lot of aftermarket stuff, so idk if this is just a badge, or if it is a *special* edition
  9. Ranger850

    5.8l Bronco II
  10. Ranger850

    New or Old f150 for 40k

    which one would you buy for 40 large?
  11. Ranger850

    Bushing kits

    Is there a kit available that has ALL the bushings for my '01 Edge 2wd
  12. Ranger850

    probe motor?s

    i was reading the How to tech section about the 3.0L and it says "except probe" on a few things, but didn't see the Probe 3.0 specs. Did I miss that info or is it just not given?
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  14. Ranger850

    Standard Transmission is now Automatic

    So I've been bored at work and I've been reading a lot of articles on cars. I've noticed, now that all vehicles come with automatics, they are now labeled as "standard" automatics. At first, I was thinking those auto's with the ability to "slap" shift the gears, BUT then I noticed not all cars...
  15. Ranger850

    From Edge to XLT

    So this is what happened to the front of my truck when an oncoming Firetruck decided to use my lane and the Z71 in front of me, stops suddenly.
  16. Ranger850

    special edition Rangers

    so the Fake Raptors are starting to pop up from dealerships to aftermarket companies. if you find , post it here please. just trying to keep things in order. I'll go first this is the "BAJA" Ranger
  17. Ranger850

    Retro F150??? I know some chevy trucks were done a while back
  18. Ranger850


    just wondering how i could invite a friend to join. i guess i could send him a link, but was wondering if their was some type of share feature. a while back there was a thread that went on for a while about wood and knots and it was funny AF, i wanted to share it with my dad but wasnt sure how...
  19. Ranger850

    $700 obo
  20. Ranger850

    What does "Pinging" mean?

    What the hell is "pinging"? this has come up in several threads recently, and I do not know what it means. Some have referred to it as Knock(?) Is "Labor Knocking" the same? To me, labor knocking is when the truck sounds like it is in too low of a gear and need an downshift or more fuel. is...