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  1. Factory radio help please

    Is there a part number on it?
  2. What is your workout routine?

    I try to do -something- at lunch most weekdays at the gym on campus where I work. Usually a mixture of running/stair climbing/rowing. In the morning I'm in the local crossfit gym at 515 for about an hour. Other than that, not much. Trail running when I can find time. It would help immensely...
  3. An observation....

    I'm surprised you haven't seen more of the recent models. They are far from common here, but not exactly rare either. There's one around the corner from my house actually. Between those and the Lexus LX derivative, I probably see one at least weekly.
  4. An observation....

    We didn't get much, but there are a few floating around from most of the generations. A fair number of FJ-40's, but good luck finding an FJ-45 pickup. I can only remember seeing one over the years. All over South America, though. Beautiful rigs.
  5. double din stereo install help

    Have you finished writing up the tech article?
  6. An observation....

    That makes me drool. Such a shame we never really got the pickup Landcruisers here.
  7. An observation....

    I rolled right under a 19 Ranger with no problem. At least as much clearance as any stock older Ranger if not more.
  8. An observation....

    As ridiculous as they look, I always enjoyed the simple practical utility of the bongo trucks running all over Iraq.
  9. Accidentally dropped the tip of Lucas oil tx. bottle into 5 speed what?

    I don't think you will be able to drain it out. Just let it get obliterated and swap the fluid.
  10. PayPal woes

    The new/different engine is in the garage now.I still need to swap all my top end stuff over to it and make sure there are no other issues. At least things are moving in the right direction again.
  11. PayPal woes

    It was, then I lost oil pressure and had to pull the engine again. Supposed to be getting a low mileage engine this afternoon to throw in.
  12. Bronco Premiere!

    Not likely, because Detroit's happening in June.
  13. PayPal woes

    That never ended poorly.
  14. Whats this pm3 stuff...

    Why do the Bosch plugs concern you?
  15. double din stereo install help

    I missed that you already have an aftermarket radio in your truck. Is it wired in using an adapter (not directly to the truck's wiring)? If so, unplug that harness and cut off the radio connector on it, then splice it to your new radio harness.
  16. My new tow rig

    I'd always been under the impression that the E4OD/4R100's were well regarded.
  17. What octane can I run in a stock 2.9l v6?

    If I wanted to look at a milkshake every time I checked my oil, I'd give you a shout.
  18. double din stereo install help

    There isn't one that connects the factory plug to the new radio. There are two wiring harnesses involved. 1) The original harness that was sold with the radio. 2) The adapter harness that plugs into the truck's connector. Those two harnesses -will not- plug into each other. You need to...
  19. What octane can I run in a stock 2.9l v6?

    I don't even have a functional engine for the truck at all right now. Still working on the plan for that...
  20. double din stereo install help

    I'm not sure what you're asking. You need an adapter harness for the stock Ford connector for your truck. Then you solder/splice from the adapter harness to the harness that plugs into the radio.