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  1. WTB: 83-92 long bed

    I have one it Florida I want 1000$ OBO super clean body little rust
  2. 1986 Ranger 2.3 motor mods

    I'm looking ata 1986 ranger with the 2.3 with EFI. does anyone know of some cheap mods i could do to get so extra HP out of it. Thanks, dalton
  3. Updating the 4-Cylinder Tech Page - Suggestions Needed

    could you separate the engine like have a classification for the 4 plug 2.3 and the 8 plug 2.3
  4. Are You Going To Preorder Or Purchase A New Ford Ranger?

    I have Been considering getting one i just don't like the idea of 700$ a month and trading in my F150 but if i do it will be a 2wd Lariat extended cab. the bare minimum truck wise but actually nice interior wise. Like this-
  5. 1988 Ranger 5.0 Swap Purchase

    So i found a 1988 ranger with a 5.0 swapped in on craigslist for $1350 and it runs and drives. i have always wanted a 1986-89 extend cab ranger 2 wheel drive with some sort of V8. I don't care if it was a 302,351, Chevy 350, doesn't matter. so here is my question is this truck worth buying...
  6. 5.0 into 91 ranger. All the parts I need

    Good afternoon y’all. I recently got a 1991 ranger with a 2.3 5 speed and I want to do a 5.0 swap. I trying to figure out what parts I need. I want to make it really simple so a carbureted motor, but what other parts will I need other than motor mounts and trans cross members. Like what headers...
  7. Best cam for a 1991 2.3

    I recently bought a 1991 ranger with a 2.3 with the 8 plugs. I plan on building the motor and want to to hop up the motor. So what is a good can for the motor something that is more race oriented this is not gonna be daily driven and also if u have any other good ways to hop up the motor like...