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  1. Coil difference?

    So the coils were cracked before I started doing my drop. So I went to the pick and pull and got some coils out of a ‘97 extended cab 2wd,(all they had), for my ‘95 reg cab. I cut 3/4” of a coil out and I still couldn’t even get them in, let alone drop it a bit, (along with beams of course). I...
  2. Shackle direction

    I’m in the process of installing new hangers and shackles. I’m going to do the shackle flip right away. When installing the shackles, does it matter the direction of the shackle itself? The open side forward or rearward? Thanks much.
  3. Diy c notch

    So I picked up a rough ‘95 standard cab. I’m lowering it and it’s in pieces with the bed off. I figured do a c notch while it’s apart. My beams are on back order so I have extra time. I have some 1/8” stock. Will this be strong enough as long as I fully box the frame? Or should I get some 3/16”...
  4. New from WI

    Hey guys, new here. I have a 2000 2wd reg cab. From what I gather it is an early version of the Edge, a Trailhead? On to my question, is the suspension the same as the edge? I want to lower it by flipping the keys. From what I've read I should expect around 4-5" of drop. I measured from the...