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  1. jjfugler

    Liftgate Insulation

    Last night I had the liftgate latch cut off-it was broken bad. After finally getting the latch open for the first time and removing the plastic molding I discovered two plastic trim clips but they weren't "holding" anything. I suspect there was some insulation in there of some sort....anyone...
  2. jjfugler

    Console pieces

    I have 3 of 4 bolt for the armrest mount and ha e the two side pieces that cover the access to the mount. Gray and will ship. $5
  3. jjfugler

    Howdy from Texas and also Louisiana

    New to the Bronco II arena. Had a Ford 68 F-100 SWB back in the mid to late 80's-The original Ranger namesake I believe. Anyway...I like my little "Jenny" and super excited to start the re-store on her. I have been trying to use the Bronco II Corral site but not much activity there, hope this...