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  1. help please

    So i just got finished swapping a fresh 4.0 into my 93 ranger.On the back of the wiring harness i have three plugs coming from under the intake.I know where the two white plugs go but there is a small round black plug that i cant remember where it plugged into.if anyone knows what im talking...
  2. Help

    So im ptting my tranny back inn my 99 4.0. Wat do i need to line the splines in the flywheel and the clutch up? I have a clutch alignment tool. Will just that work?
  3. Oil seal

    Im in the middle if replacing my rear main seal. I am ready to pull the damn thing out but cant figure out how. Iv got the tranny clutch and flywheel off. Do i need to drop the oil pan to? Any help would be much appreciated
  4. the pos after a little herculiner

    so i decided to put a little bedliner on the ranger.What do you guys think
  5. rear main seal

    im planning on changing my rear main oil seal today and i was looking for some input on any problems i might run into.
  6. Alabama

    isthere anyone here from notheast alabama.around the sand mountain area?
  7. heads

    what would be the cheapest place to get a new set of heads for my 99?
  8. question

    do the cylinder head bolts on my 93 ranger take a t55 torx bit to remove?any input would be appreciated
  9. question

    are the heads on my 99 4.0 interchangeable with 2002 4.0 heads?any input would be appreciated
  10. mickey thompson classic II

    will the mickey thompson classic II's fit around the locking hubs on my 93 ranger?
  11. spindle nuts?

    anybody know were i can get spindle nuts without having to pay $25 a piece for them.seems a little outragous to me.any help would be much appreciated
  12. help needed

    i am changin my bearings brakes and rotors on my 93 4x4.iv got the automatic hub off and now im down to taking ot the bearin but before i do that i need to take off the nut to get to do i get the rest of the 4x4 guts off to get to the nut?Or do i?I have the socket to take it off so thts...
  13. hey all

    Sam here from down in a long time reader and finally decided to join up.will try to get pics of lola up shortly.:icon_cheers: