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  1. Notorious clunk or something else?

    2010 Sport, S/C, 4X4, 90Kmiles. When I accelerate hard there a thud/clunk. From what I've read, everybody else seems to have it on acceleration and deceleration. I only have it on the former. Is this the notorious clunk or something else? Thanks in advance.
  2. Whats the best tech manual for this engine and/or 2010 Ranger?

    I just replaced my o2 sensors and realized i didnt tq them. I know they just need to be tight but I have crazy OCD about specifications. Im in the middle of an oil change and relized Idk the drain plug tq spec. I found online it 18ft/lbs (somebody PLEASE correct me if im wrong on that). Next...
  3. O2 sensor bung in Exhaust Manifold.

    I replaced my passenger (bank 2?) Pre-cat 02 sensor today. I sprayed it down with PBlaster last night and again today before starting. Kind of a pain in the dick. It was siezed on there pretty good. Anyways, I saw on the top rear of the exhaust manifold, there was another bung, with a plug. It...
  4. *Dr. Nck's voice* Hello everybody!

    New round these parts and finally got me a Ranger. 4L, 4x4, manual with 84k miles. Im already starting on catching up with maintenance. 1st on the to do list is upstream o2 sensors. Next will be all the oils. Any recommendations on specific oils and diff covers? Thanks for haing me and thanks...
  5. What have YOU done to increase the tow capacity of your Ranger?

    I will be buying a Ranger very soon because I need a small truck. Im not looking to haul often with it but I do want the capabilities to carry a good bit of weight. I do have landscaping plans that include a short, single tier terrance. Ive already been looking into minor upgrades. Intake...
  6. Newbie looking for advice.

    Looking at a 2011, 3L, Manual, 2wd with 92k miles. Could y'all break down the cons of this year please? Thanks in advance.
  7. Looking at a 2010 4L 4x4 w/manual.

    88k miles. Dealer. Any serious cons? Thanks again.
  8. Ranger rookie looking for insight.

    I found an '06 Sport Ranger with a 4L, 5 speed manual, 2 wheel drive 115k miles. I'm a big VW guy and have all the tools. I have tools my local dealership doesnt have. I'm savy with maintenance and fixing just about everything on a car/truck. I want to swap in an ALH in the future. However...