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  1. PetroleumJunkie412

    UPAP Truck

    Running down to grab parts again this week. Saw this: If it's still there, anyone want me to grab the grill?
  2. PetroleumJunkie412

    Merkur Scorpio Part Out

    Came across two Scorpios that are being parted out locally. Heading over in the beginning of the week to grab parts. I plan on grabbing intakes and all accompanying stuff, valve covers, distributors, fuel rails, air cleaner boxes, and accelerator cables and pedals. Basically everyrhing I need...
  3. PetroleumJunkie412

    2.9L Megasquirt Info - Work in progress

    Submitting this as a placeholder for now, but posting the attachments and gist of the article. This is going to be a rather in-depth write up, and will take some time to properly compile. Mods: Please do with this as you see fit! Thank you!! CRITICALLY IMPORTANT NOTE: To those who find...
  4. PetroleumJunkie412

    I hate the new Ranger

    There. Said it. I hate it. Can't un-say it. Wouldn't want to, either. I hate it.
  5. PetroleumJunkie412

    1988 fuel guage - Tired of its lies

    So, my fuel gauge has never worked since I bought KaP. I used to listen to its filthy lies, and refill my tank every time it would read empty. Turns out, it says it's running on fumes when there's about 10 gallons used out of the 18 gallon tank. Tank and lift pump assembly are brand new...
  6. PetroleumJunkie412

    What the crap is this??

    Found this on eBay this morning. Looks like a super early version of a Turbocharger, but I have no idea. Never seen anything like it.
  7. PetroleumJunkie412

    Prime day deal on LED sealed beams

    Hey, lots of folks have asked me about my sealed beam cluster LED lights. Though not the same ones, these are pretty close. They go on prime day Sale as a lightning day tomorrow (July 16) at 6:19 am MICTUNING 2Pcs 45w 7x6 Led Headlights Rectangular 5x7 Hi Lo Led Sealed Beam H6054 6053 6052...
  8. PetroleumJunkie412

    What the heck is this engine?

    Mopar buddy of mine sent this to me this morning. Anyone know what it is??
  9. PetroleumJunkie412

    Corrosion Cures

  10. PetroleumJunkie412

    60/40 seats from a 2000/2001

    Complete set of seats and an extra armrest (with cupholder) from a 2000 or 2001 extended cab. Can't remember which. Disassembled them and cleaned the upholstery. No rips, tears, or cigarette burns. Driver's side back seat frame has the support bars snapped off. Looks like a easy fix. I just...
  11. PetroleumJunkie412

    Need an entire first gen cab shell.

    Well. I thought I'd be able to save my cab. I was incorrect. Rear floor crossmember is too far gone to salvage, and I cannot find one of the weld in ones. Looking for a source of entire cabs. Would prefer a stripped one. Other than car-part and southern Craigslist ads, any suggestions?
  12. PetroleumJunkie412

    Shock debate...

    Ok, since replacing the springs on my extended cab, thw ride has been a little... Coarse. Truck handles 'meh'. Moog HD variable rate coils in the front, Husky 1750lb five leaf HD in the back. Overall, it lifted the truck 3" or so, but it feels solid now. Since then my KYB twin tubes have...
  13. PetroleumJunkie412

    Junk yard run - June 9, 2019

    Have to head to the boneyard today to grab something out of a 1992 before it hits the shredder. Anyone need anything small while I'm there?
  14. PetroleumJunkie412

    The great spark plug question

    Ok, so to ensure I cause a tremendous amount of chaos, I'm looking for some input of heat ranges of plugs. Engine is a 2.9. It is NOT stock: DIYAutotune Megasquirt PNP v1.5 24lb Bosch 4 hole injectors from a Saleen Spartan Wideband Controller and Bosch 4.9 LSU Wideband O2 sensor Phenolic...
  15. PetroleumJunkie412

    Really really bad engine swap idea.

    So I got into the vodka last night and started having bad ideas about engine swapping my titled 1990 standard cab parts truck. I awoke to these engine dimensions copy/pasted in notepad on my laptop: total length [end of crank pulley to rear block face] 29.25" top of motor, widest point at...
  16. PetroleumJunkie412

    Overhead console in first gen?

    So, I have seen photos of the first gen trucks with the auto hubs console on the roof. When I re-upholstered my headliner, I found the mount bracket in the ceiling. Does anyone know if an Explorer / whatever overhead console fits the ceiling contour of a first gen cab? Interested in using...
  17. PetroleumJunkie412

    Part number/source request - cab floor support

    Alright, I have the last rot area to fix. Need the rear crossmember for a 1988 extended cab. I don't know what to call the crossmember. Floor support, maybe? It's the sheet metal section of the cab that attaches to the cab mounts on the frame. Mine is TOAST. Found one online for $120...
  18. PetroleumJunkie412

    Interest in 2.9l Phenolic intake Spacers?

    Buddy of mine picked up a flatbed CNC. I'm itching to see what I can make on it. Haven't been able to find phenolic spacers for either a ranger or Scorpio intake (they are different), so considering knocking out a few spacers on his machine (these would fit either). McMaster Carr sells G-11...
  19. PetroleumJunkie412

    2.9 California MAF conversion - No Start

    In my recent ECU adventures, I also attempted the California EEC conversion. Hooked the MAF into positions 14 and 15 as the guide suggested. No start condition followed. I also do not have a CEL at startup. No other wires were moved on the 60 pin. 1988 Ranger 2.9, manual, 4wd with manual hubs...
  20. PetroleumJunkie412

    1992 Ford Sierra Trouble Codes

    Ok, slapped the 1992 Sierra ECU in the harness to get some definitive trouble codes out of it. Ran a KOEO test when I got home. EEC spewed out the following: 67 Park/Neutral circuit fault - PNP Transmission Manual Lever Position (MLP) sensor circuit - Transmissions (M)...