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  1. PetroleumJunkie412

    I hate the new Ranger

    Oh. My. God. My dad went out for a pack of smokes 25 years ago and never came back. I think you found him.
  2. PetroleumJunkie412

    They're all gone!
  3. PetroleumJunkie412

    Members By Location

    Pittsburgh, Pennsyl-tucky
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    New to forum and Mazda/Ranger pickup's with many Questions.

    2.3l came in many flavors throughout the years, including the 2.3 Lima (IIRC) turbo that was in the Mustang SVO and Thunderbird. Great engine, not very powerful without forced induction, but be too stubborn to die. Easy and cheap to get parts for as well, as they were not just used in...
  5. PetroleumJunkie412

    What the crap is this??

    So, it's a fuel pressure regulator turbine for a jet engine. Sits in the turbine housing and uses moving air to generate either pressure or vacuum on fuel being fed to the engine. Science!
  6. PetroleumJunkie412

    Cold engine tick?

    And they make fun of 2.9s for lifters; sounds just like one. My 2.9 gets it when I'm rough on it. Lucas synthetic oil Stabilizer and synthetic oil help quite a bit.
  7. PetroleumJunkie412

    UPAP Truck

    Running down to grab parts again this week. Saw this: If it's still there, anyone want me to grab the grill?
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    Looks freaking awesome!
  9. PetroleumJunkie412

    I'd buy this if I could get it to Georgia

    Damnit. If that was an extended cab, I'd be going for a ride. Still need a cab shell.
  10. PetroleumJunkie412

    TRS 20th Anniversary Trail Ride - Register Now!!

    There's a Ford joke there somewhere...
  11. PetroleumJunkie412

    I hate the new Ranger

    Nope. Just doing the math in my head. Never hanging out with you when it's windy.
  12. PetroleumJunkie412

    They're all gone!

    Up UPAP in Pittsburgh has them, 100 out the door every first Tuesday of the month.
  13. PetroleumJunkie412

    They're all gone!

    Where is your custom-fab avatar?
  14. PetroleumJunkie412

    TRS 20th Anniversary Trail Ride - Register Now!!

    Jim, you broke the Internet. 😂
  15. PetroleumJunkie412


    Yours will never be as cool as mine 🤓 Kidding!!
  16. PetroleumJunkie412

    Merkur Scorpio Part Out

    Came across two Scorpios that are being parted out locally. Heading over in the beginning of the week to grab parts. I plan on grabbing intakes and all accompanying stuff, valve covers, distributors, fuel rails, air cleaner boxes, and accelerator cables and pedals. Basically everyrhing I need...
  17. PetroleumJunkie412

    I hate the new Ranger

    So... Hm. I Hm. Yep.
  18. PetroleumJunkie412

    Trolled By Ford

    Fight... The... Urge...
  19. PetroleumJunkie412

    I have to pop my hood to start my truck...

    ...also, replacing your 4.0 with a 2.9 will fix this issue. Probably easier than fixing the 4.0 ...I had to.
  20. PetroleumJunkie412

    OEM Radio Not Producing Sound

    i really thought this was going to be another CHOWDAH incident...