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    What wheel is this?

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    Show us your 2019 Ford Ranger - Get a decal!

    How does it compare, size and utility wize, to the Sport Trac. (I know it has more power)
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    P0102 P0104 codes 98 f150

    Ok, so he ran lean, queefed his box. Sorry for the noob questions, but does that have anything to do with the original problem of the MAFS or is it something else causing the lean situation
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    P0102 P0104 codes 98 f150

    What would cause the truck to queef or backfire or whatever happened.o_O. Is it something that needs to be look into, or is it just something that happens randomly
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    P0102 P0104 codes 98 f150

    UPDATE: His troubles started after his truck backfired. He found some plastic bits under his hood when that happened, and the smoke test he did, tells us he has leaks. He is in the process of pulling the intake to see how bad the damage is. Thanks to all for the help and stay tuned for more.
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    STX Bumper or custom?

    WD40 and steel wool for rust removal, i did it to my bike rims ,as a kid. And if that kid can do it, any body with half a brain can do it.
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    New to the Ranger Station and I gotta say I love it!

    IDk what this post is trying to say, but the heater core isn't that bad if you remove your seats, remove 6 dash bolts, and disconnect the wires for AC & radio. 2-8 hrs depending on tools, skillset, and work environment.
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    Run this vin plz

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    P0102 P0104 codes 98 f150

    Thanks fellas. next beer is on my tab :beer:
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    P0102 P0104 codes 98 f150

    Anybody got ANY idea about this, Should he be looking for a new Intake, or what? Truck was born in July of 98,
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    Run this vin plz

    1ftrx17l2wkc06796 Dad's trying to figure out if his truck came with PI Heads and aluminum plenum or if a PO did the conversion.
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    P0102 P0104 codes 98 f150

    Can somebody run this VIN, to see if his truck came with the PI heads or if he has had th PI conversion already. 1ftrx17l2wkc06796
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    Gen 2 Front clip conversion Possible?

    I do. I'm a huge A$$h@le. Ask anybody.
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    P0102 P0104 codes 98 f150

    My dad is still chasing his problem. I think he did a smoke test, but not sure. I copied this text from our conversation ---"Hey man, ask your forum buddies about a vacuum leak under the intake manifold. I've got an aluminum one and everything I look at are black plastic. I blew smoke into the...