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    At least you got the "ABARTH*" edition *fancy*
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    1988 Ranger Restoration - Keeping a Promise

    Every Day? I thought you were Always Floored. lol
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    Rangers around the world.

    Tallahassee Florida, right after repairing the front end damage of an accident. Replaced the Grill, bumper and valance.
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    I was virtually depression free until october 21 a few years ago when my stepmother passed away. She's the one who made my dad give me the Ranger and is the reason i want to get it running. She passed unexpectedly and i think i have ptsd because of her passing so quickly. Never been diagnosed...
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    Thanks to those who served

    My father served, and gets uncomfortable when someone thanks him in public, he rarely even talks about his service in Vietnam, but i still tell him how much I appreciate what he did, even though he was shamed for it at the time. So especially to the Vietnam vets for me. They're probably the...
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    Thanks to those who served

    It's Veteran's Day, and i would like to thank all of the Military Members here on TRS, Thank you and i salute you for the courage and honor it takes to serve on the US Military.
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    A word of advice (DUH) but don't ignore a strange noise....

    I never made the yogi connection, didnt really ever know he had a real name,
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    New RTR and RTR Rambler package..

    Never heard of RTR until now, but It looks just like that fake Raptor Rangers and all the other "aftermarket" companies version of a OFF Road Ranger. When is Saleen or Rousch going to take a 2wd swb Street version. All of these OffRaod versions seem to all have the same setup: Fox shocks, 2"...
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    Project Lab Wagon

    I bet that thing is gonna smell great after about 2 trips to the local swimming hole. I wouldn't worry about putting good interior pieces unless you're talking rubber floors and vinyl seats.
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    PayPal woes

    I thought Fastpakr's truck was on the road. doesn't matter, I suppose, mine hasn't moved in almost 2 years. Time flies when your preoccupied.
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    PayPal woes

    As if there wasn't any tension between us already … @fastpakr, clean slate, no hard feelings after, may the best man win. :headbang:
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    A word of advice (DUH) but don't ignore a strange noise....

    I like the name "Smith" for a/your Ranger. Very common and unassuming character name. I have been trying to come up with a name for mine for almost 10 years now but "the truck" seems to be the only fitting thing to call it, for now.
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    Idea... Switched Centrifugal Supercharger?

    I thought PetroleumJunky was trolling us whith a fake account at first
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    I'm new and need help

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    Opinions on different brands and types of dry gas

    I said "Sounds Like" didn't I? I think I did. Never had to deal with this phenomenon of gas freezing and never heard of "dry gas" until today so I associated it with the closes thing I have heard of. Sorry Not trying to say Sta-bil is for one thing that it's not meant to be used for. I have a...