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  1. 4WD not working

    Good news, I got it fixed. I did need to unplug the battery for 10 minutes to 'initialize' the module.
  2. 4WD not working

    Correct I did
  3. 4WD not working

    Talked with a mechanic I trust about this (not saying I don't trust this form, but he has been great to me in the past) When he did other work on the car he thought the part could of been bad too. To prove the part is defective from where I bought it they'd charge me for labor, and I want...
  4. 4WD not working

    Part number is 8L5Z-7E453-A I would be very surprised if this part was back I got it from a good ford dealer I am going to call where I got the part from, but I'm worried there's no way to test if the part is bad.
  5. 4WD not working

    Just double checked all the fuses and took apart and reassembled eveything just to be sure. No luck
  6. 4WD not working

    Installed the new module. Still not working, but I dont hear the 'ticking' anymore
  7. 4WD not working

    I've got one coming in tomorrow. It's nice having a decent dealer near
  8. 4WD not working

    I got it pulled out. It looks like the board is cooked, the tops of some of the components are wavy
  9. 4WD not working

    Well I found a ChrisFix video on how to take the radio out, so now I just need a new module. Thanks for the help so far, I'll update when I get the new module
  10. 4WD not working

    When I start her up the 4x4 and 4x4 low light both illuminate, so I do not have any flashing 4x4 lights
  11. 4WD not working

    I check the engine bay fuse and its good. I do hear the 'clicking' when I turn the knob, so I guess its the 4x4 module. Is there a guide on here to replace that?
  12. 4WD not working

    When I turn it to 4H I get no dash light. I'm about to go check the engine box fuse.
  13. 4WD not working

    I cannot get my Ranger to switch into 4WD. I have a 2011 5-speed manual 4.0L V6 ranger. I replaced the transfer case motor and it worked for a little, but stopped again. I check that the selector was rotating, it was, and the fuse was good, it was as well. Any suggestions on where to start?