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    91 xlt looking for factory radio

    Looking for factory radio, doesn't matter if the tape deck doesn't work. The radio just need to work. Willing to pay $25 cash will pick up within 50 miles of Reidsville,NC Also if anyone happens to have an extra instrument cluster for sale, pls pm me. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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    91 Ranger

    Looking to add some hp, maybe loosen up some speed. This truck has no get up and go. Anyone have any basic ideas. I am working on replacing all the sensors, injectors, tbi, maf and so on. Just need some help with ideas. Anyone know about changing the gears in the diff? what they are and could be...
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    Wont start. 2.9L

    Changed the starter solenoid and now it.wont start. Anyone have any wiring diagrams?
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    2.9 block

    I recently talked to a fellow tinker who said the 2.9 block is the same as the 4.0. Being a Ford,Im not surprised as 302 and 351 share the same block. That being said, does amyone have any idea how I can verify this? Or where.
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    New Surgery

    So my 91 is undergoing a tranny transplant. Brought the rebuilt trans home today and got the rear drive shaft, and transfer case "cover" off before evening chores had to be started on the farm.
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    Fan clutch

    2.9L, original fan and fan clutch. How in the sam hell does it come off? Fan broke. Pulley is "behind" or under the clutch and so I cannot get it off. There is no way to pull off but the cut off. Anyone deal with this? Help pls.
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    Fan wiring

    Pulling off the stock engine fan to put on a elec fan. Im fairly sure the box has a wiring diagram. In case though, Im interested to see/ hear how other have done their own wiring. Thx.
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    Lift. Stock 91 S/C 4WD.

    Okay. Completely stock ranger. In the next year I plan on adding body lift. Lemme hear what yall have done that DID AND DID NOT WORK. It will be a daily driver, so Im not going way out on a lift. Just 2" to add for tire ckearance. Really interested to see who has what. Pics if ya got any. Thx.
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    Stock rims

    Okay, stock 15x6 Ranger rims, biggest O/R tire size that will fit. And brands yall have used. GO.
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    4WD issues

    4Wd wont engage. Wondering if anyone knows where to get replacement electronics? I havent tested the switch as yet, or even the module. Anyone has any ideas, shout out. Thx
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    NC, 91 2.9l supercab 4wd

    Rough truck, needs body work and a tranny. Ive been eliminating unneeded systems and parts like the ac and jump seats. Looking to put a body lift on, then rims and tires soon after followed by tube bumpers. Ultimately it will get a 302 conversion. Me. 43, Army vet living on a farm in NC.
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    91. 2.9L 4wd. Question

    Im dumbing down this truck, as in no computer sensors at all. Heres my issue, basically the engine should run. Im looking for bugs I may encounter beforehand. I would really rather blowup the 2.9 but the budget doesnt allow for an 8 as yet. BUT this truck needs to be computer free. TIA.