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    Clueless about lowering

    Are you looking at beams and springs, or just beams? If you are just doing drop beams in front, stock shocks should still work.
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    Elon musk.....

    Miniaturization, it'll get there eventually. Yes, yes I have. LOL! Some times they do remove the top of the T-tail for maintenance. I must admit that I've looked at one of them sitting out on the ramp and wandered what it would take to fit a turboprop engine and turn it into an airplane of...
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    Elon musk.....

    Yeah, C-17s aren't bigger than C-5s. Hell they ain't even close to being as big as a C-5. C-5, C-130, and F-15. The C-17 in middle ground between the C-130 and C-5. FWIW we have all 4 where I work. I work the smallest of the 4 (F-15) and even they are towed by diesel tugs, not that a 300 I6...
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    The 2019 'Loan Ranger', and 2019 Ranger Adventure

    Wow, wasn't expecting that to stick. You aren't a SR until JR is born. Same with I, II, and III. Truck is looking good. If I was after a new vehicle it'd probably be on my short list. Racsan I know Harbor Freight still sells those bars. I think I've seen them in Northern Tool or Tractor...
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    The 2019 'Loan Ranger', and 2019 Ranger Adventure

    Glad to see they hooked you up with a truck for the anniversary. From the way things are sounding at work for the rest of this year, I'm not likely to be able to partake in any of the festivities. We should be getting a major workload in the second half of the year that will be all hands on deck...
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    I like the new look

    Or those that have been here forever and never really posted much to begin with.
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    Trying to decide on tire size. Not a Ranger, still a Ford.

    So I recently decided to brings dad's old 68 F-100 out of hibernation. It's a 4wd with the coil buckets lowered 1" and a 2" body lift for 3" of lift. When he lifted it the truck was running 33s, but was on 32s before it was parked. Some pics of the truck for reference: Here's the truck shortly...
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    Can't figure out no start on 99 Ranger

    So I recently dug into the top end of my 99 Ranger to replace head gaskets again. Hopefully found the actual problem this time, one of the heads had a very slight wave right where the gasket was eroding. Anyway put it back together a week or two ago and it spins over but won't start. No odd...
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    WTB: 99 4.0L OHV dipstick tube

    Looking for a 4.0L OHV dipstick tube for a 99 Ranger. Not sure how they vary among different years of 4.0L so closer to same year better. My dipstick is good, but the mounting tab is gone. Didn't break, was cut and modified (not by me) a few years when headers were installed. Going back to...
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    thermostat switch temps for e-fan conversion?

    thermal switch temps for e-fan conversion? So I'm soon to do an E-fan conversion on my 99 4.0L but I figure this will apply yo most Rangers (and other vehicles) doing a similar conversion. Ok so my truck is a stock 99 Ranger 4.0L 4x4. Several years ago I converted it to a dual core Explorer...
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    Flex lines off master cylinder and do I need a proportioning valve?

    So back so slowly working on my V8 swap project and am quickly approaching the brake system portion. Already got most of my brake system squared away. Cobra 13" brake swap Explorer 8.8" Disk Brake axle (98 Explorer) Explorer Master Cylinder (also 98 Explorer) Explorer 5.0L brake booster (IIRC...
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    86 Ranger diesel

    Thought this might be good for a laugh:
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    Explorer 5.0L valve springs and rockers?

    98 Explorer 5.0L getting it ready to continue Ranger swap or drop it into something else. Next step is getting the engine running and maybe doing a little hop-up while at it. High mile engine and I'm not going to go further into it than the valve covers which I'm swapping for cast aluminum...
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    Transmission ID and can I swap?

    Got a bit of a head scratcher here. I've been around long enough to know to check the tech library. I did, it didn't help. 1999 Ford Ranger XLT Extended Cab 4x4 W/ 4.0L Auto and factory tow package. According to the chart in the tech library my truck should have a 5R55E due to being a...
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    which leaf springs should I get?

    Not posting this in the suspension section, because this is general leaf spring question rather than lifted or lowered and I want it answered as such. So I've got a 99 Ranger 4x4 that came factory with tow package and "K" code leaf springs. Currently have 32" tires, Explorer "F" code leafs, and...