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  1. Creating HP on a 2.3 (naturally aspirated)

    Late DP head ('95+) flows an average of 17% better out of the box than the early dual plug head, but you have to change intakes... Junkyard head and intake would be a good start.
  2. Box of Marbles 2000 Ford Ranger 2.5 174k miles

    Check timing belt, verify marks.
  3. Sensor In Back of Timing Cover

    1995 was a phase-in year and some Fords were OBD and some were OBDII. Easiest way to check is the ODBII Port near the steering column under dash. ALL early 1995 Rangers were ODB.
  4. non-existent vacuum lines

  5. 2.0/2.3/2.5L Family

    180* thermostat is Stant PN 13828 (or 45828 with rubber seal). 195* thermostat is Stant PN 13829 (or 45829 with rubber seal).
  6. Updating the 4-Cylinder Tech Page - Suggestions Needed

    Perhaps delete all links to "" or Most of the cam data/mods have been debunked.
  7. "Hot Cam" mod

    Thread Necro!!! OK, I have 3 2.3L heads: 1989 slider cam D-Port (Mustang) 1994 Roller cam D-Port 8 Plug (Ranger) 1995 Roller cam D-Port 8 Plug (Ranger) I bought a 1998 Ranger 2.3L follower (for the 7mm valves) because I was going to do this on my '89 'Stang. Figured I'd do 1998 valves, 1998...