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  1. replacement door speakers, good, better, best

    Right, a coaxial speaker is designed to cover the whole range. A 2 way uses two drivers to do the job, a 3 way breaks it into three. You went off on a left field tangent in your previous post. I never said anything about single tones? The point is that component speakers break the job into...
  2. replacement door speakers, good, better, best

    That's a two way coaxial speaker.
  3. replacement door speakers, good, better, best

    A single would be like a component unit that handles one frequency range. Two and three ways attempt to do everything in one unit by stacking the tweeter over the main cone, etc.
  4. replacement door speakers, good, better, best

    I think you're backwards on the way single/2/3 ways work there.
  5. Cybertruck Reveal

    'Virtue Signaling'? As if there could be no rational justification?
  6. Cybertruck Reveal

    That's phased out. Those credits were down to 50% of the original amount through the end of June, then 25% through the end of the year. If they continue to be profitable over the next couple of quarters, they've definitely made it beyond requiring any initial assistance.
  7. Cybertruck Reveal

    They have been lately. Hopefully that will continue.
  8. 1999 ranger v8 swap from a 1999 expo

    I kept the original dash intact and just used the explorer engine and transmission wiring. As I recall, I had to flip one connector in the engine compartment and move one behind the ignition sister to make the tach read correctly. That left all functions intact including my stock Ranger cruise...
  9. 1999 ranger v8 swap from a 1999 expo

    I'm honestly not sure why you'd have lost speed signal. Doesn't it go from rear axle to ecm to trans/speedo/abs? Mine worked fine after the swap.
  10. R2.8 Conversion Coming Soon!

    Cummins I-4 crate diesel engine. I had to look it up. :-)
  11. replacement door speakers, good, better, best

    For what it's worth, a bit of trimming lets you fit 6x9's in the rear doors. Opens up your options some. Also, agreed with the above that Infinity Primus is an excellent speaker for the money.
  12. Bullitt Mustang

    It's the same one. The owner introducing the car in the video is the same one that was at the Detroit show.
  13. Bullitt Mustang

    I don't see how it could be anything else.
  14. Bullitt Mustang

    As I recall, the documentation was pretty clear that at most two survived. One that ended up in Mexico and reappeared several years ago in rough condition (the stunt car), and the hero car for action shots with little risk that was unveiled at NAIAS right before the new Ranger in 2018.
  15. Just noticed a sale on Torsen units...

    Screw it - I ordered one. Seems ridiculous to spend money on this when my truck doesn't even have an engine in it, but this price won't last forever.