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    Just a Reminder

    I cant figure out what the hell pinterest is... sometimes when I look stuff up I get redirected there and it's just random pictures of nonsense?
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    Your just gonna convert that into poo! Happy birthday!
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    Littlefuse tap?

    The wire should point north. (y)
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    Help me help an old lady 😁

    Well technically if the ECU failed to adjust the timing properly I would think the symptoms would probably be much worse than a lack of power because it would mean a sensor failed and pretty much all the sensors linked to the ignition timing also perform other tasks. The only one that I could...
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    88 ford ranger Door Glass

    Have brick, will travel!
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    1998 Mazda B2500 = RANGER!!!

    Sounds like a nice rig. Share some pics and welcome to the site.
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    Help me help an old lady 😁

    2001 3.0 has distributorless ignition. There's nothing to physically adjust, it's all done by the computer based on the various sensors.
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    My 1984 Subaru Brat

    I've been looking for an AMC eagle for years upon years. That's my absolute dream car to build into a surf fishing buggy. Not many people who own them are willing to part with them...
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    Holy heating bill!

    Baseball bats should be made of solid cast aluminum and wired to a 600 volt electrical charge at all times.
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    Littlefuse tap?

    There's two style fuse taps for the mini ATM fuses and one of them does not work. (First make sure you have a mini ATM tap and not an ATC) The fuse panel on the ranger is recessed so the fuse tap needs to be longer than normal. Make sure you have the right one. What you have pictured is...
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    What the heck is wrong with parts stores?

    I'd make you repeat all too... then start asking even more questions. "Sir I assure you I cannot get you the proper spark plugs without your social security number and mother's maiden name!" :icon_rofl:
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    Help me help an old lady 😁

    2 things spring to mind when reading that. #1, if your cats were falling apart they can send crap down the line and also clog the muffler. Might wanna pop that off while your under there and make sure it's not full of chunks of cat. #2, if the previous person replaced the fuel pump there's a...
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    i wonder

    Get a np203 and make a doubler out of one of the 205s. Then it really doesn't matter what engine you use...
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    What the heck is wrong with parts stores?

    The 98+ rangers have the same length wiper blade on both sides, and use the same connector on both sides... But there's still a left and a right blade. I've had several people give me dirty looks and call me an idiot when I handed them two blades and said this is drivers side and this is...
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    Auto Stop Eliminator for the 2019 Ranger

    Eh... when I drive the edge it's just part of the procedure. Start button, parking brake, auto stop button, drive... If the little button to turn it off didn't exist like in my sisters malibu, then I would see spending the money to disable it. I hate that thing.