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  1. relays

    does an 88 even have an O2 sensor? i can't find one but a p.o. may have eliminated it doing an exhaust replacement
  2. engine swap info

    because i have knee trouble, i can't use a standard anymore so i am stuck with the auto trans. used to love down shifting into corners. what motor came between the lima sohc or '97 and the dohc of '01? and will a 2.3 with a 55e trans be worth looking into?
  3. relays

    the engine runs fine until it warms up. usually it gets me about 10 minutes down the road, then stumbles. catches right back on and keeps going. BUT....couple of nights ago, it ran fine for 20 minutes, then kept stumbling as i limped back home. (made me miss putting it in the antique car...
  4. engine swap info

    took a fast look at alh vw for info, then craigs list. wow! 15 year old cars are still going for big bucks! going to need much more info before getting into a project that big. i'm getting long in the tooth and will be on a fixed income soon so this will probably never happen
  5. engine swap info

    tdi stands for what? i hope it's not 'turbo' cause when turbos go they take the bank account with them, or so i hear. a search here for tdi gave nothing. okay, did some googling of tdi and am confused. 1.4 tdi from a fiesta? is a diesel that much more powerful than a gas motor that a 1.4...
  6. engine swap info

    i'm looking for another series one ranger. this one will be a 4 banger. i have the 88 with the 2.9 auto. i want a gas sipping long distance voyager and that 2.9 ain't it! if, and i stress that 'if' i can find a decent one, it will have the 4 plug motor. how much beer drinking/cussin' will be...
  7. relays

    i pulled the wrong relay- the black base. tomorrow i will mark them so i know what's what. i went for a test drive today and the problem is still there; a stumble like i'm out of gas. since the only part of the fuel system i haven't replaced is the injectors, i will start looking at the wiring
  8. relays

    i have an 88 with the 2.9 auto. have just changed the rail mounted fuel pump. first i took the fuse labeled fuel pump (number 18 on the decal inside the fuse panel cover) out and ran it. it didn't die. so i put the fuse back and disconnected the relay. lowest of 3 and hardest to reach. the...
  9. mileage went south

    LMC has the res. smell seems to be gone. still have a random stumble. thinking maybe a wonky injector. i have some spare injectors that i can clean and see if that helps. saw a video on youtube on how to clean them. are all 2.9 injectors the same? or are there some kind of 'high performance'...
  10. mileage went south

    nope, they never come on at all. guess i need to open the panel and look at bulbs. but first i'll check fuses. good time to try to get the horn working, too. i've been putting that off for moonths. i so hate wiring problems
  11. mileage went south

    didn't think to go to the parts store, figured the reservoir was dealer only. new res from LMC showed up today. hope to be running in morning. codes; i never get any. in fact the little panel between the speedo and tach never does anything. how do i tell why it doesn't light up?
  12. mileage went south

    I did have a slight gas smell in the vacuum line. changed the FPR. seems to have halted the stumble but not the gas smell. finally found the fuel resorvoir is leaking at the gasket, only at above idle rpm's. tried to tighten the res. no go. but now it leaks a lot more. tried to unscrew the res...
  13. mileage went south

    and no codes showing up, although i'm not sure if they just light up or if i need to go to o'reilly's and have them hook something up
  14. mileage went south

    so far the only line that was loose goes from the front pass side of intake to air box. skeeters are out in force so anything else waits for tomorrow
  15. mileage went south

    my 88 2.9 auto was getting near 17 mpg at one point but now it is about 10 mpg the truck constantly smells of gas but i can not find any leaks. i borrowed the 'noid tester' and it seems like all injectors are getting power i changed the fuel filter yesterday because i have/had (i hope) an...