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  • Summer time in Alaska in July, Anchorage is usually 70-80 degrees F, Fairbanks is usally 60-90 degrees F, southeast Alaska is mostly rain.... constantly. And my three favorite men are Jack, Jameson, and Captain Morgan. But I usually drink Jager.
    Best time to come to Alaska is in July. That's when it's the hottest, unless it's raining.
    I usually work a 9 hour shift. today 4pm-midnight. the saturdays I work 2pm-midnight and then mornings the rest of the week. it's a retarded schedual. then I have my second job coaching Alaska Native Games.
    I work the swing/day shift at the front desk, but I started off in housekeeping at the Holiday Inn Express in Fairbanks, then moved to Anchorage now I'm at the front desk. Been with THG/HIE for almost a year now. I gained senority real quick at the hotel I work at right now. But I hate working mornings then evenings... I'm at work right now till midnight my time. then the night auditor comes in.
    I sell audio video security at wholesale prices=same prices the shops pay. Hit me up if your interested in a price
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