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10-18-2010, 03:01 AM
i have a 86 ford ranger,factory mitsubishi 4d55 turbo diesel,hook up to the factory long throw 4 speed with overdrive manual tranny.
dont know which model tranny i have,the truck is 500 miles away from me at the moment.
im considering buying a 86 bronco 2 4x4 for $700,has the small v6 with auto tranny.that bronco is about 1000 miles away from me too,and the owner has no idea about the model tranny....he's not willing to climb under there either.

so im going to list all the model trannies that were available with my ranger and the bronco 2,maybe you knowledgable guys can answer a few questions for me!

83-88 ford ranger tranny list!


4-speed Toyo Kogyo TK4
5-speed Toyo Kogyo TK5
5-speed Mitsubishi FM132
5-speed Mitsubishi FM145
5-speed Mitsubishi FM146
5-speed Mazda M5OD-R1
3-speed C3
3-speed C5
4-speed A4LD

84-90 bronc0 2 trannies


4-speed Mazda TK4
5-speed Mazda TK5
5-speed Mazda M5OD-R1
5-speed Mitsubishi FM145
5-speed Mitsubishi FM146
3-speed C5
4-speed A4LD

question #1
assuming i have the mitsubishi fm145 or fm146 5 speed.....will my 4d55 bolt right up to the a4ld auto?

question #2
the bronco was available with the 4d55t,but was it available with the auto c5 or a4ld auto......or just a manual only option for the diesel?

question #3
is there a possibility that the nose cone comes off of my ranger tranny,and will mate up to the bronco auto nose cone?
that would let me use my 5 speed with the 4wd t-case

there is alot of knowledge here,im sure more than one guy here has been through this before.if your not sure....no problem,but im looking for a definite answer here.if i can mount my 4d55t to the c5 or a4ld tranny...ill buy the bronco,if it wont fit.....what 4x4 tranny would i have to search for?
ill also search the mighty max 4x4 tranny list aswell.

mighty max info!



5-speed Mitsubishi KM132
5-speed Mitsubishi KM145

was available with the 4d55t in 2wd and 4wd,those 2 trannies were the only ones available.


10-18-2010, 03:20 AM
i think i found my answer,is this info correct?

Originally Posted by dryice000
I have a 86 ranger with the 2.3L turbo diesel Mitsubishi 4d55 engine and my trans is making a strange noise and you can feel a bearing is gone more then likely. I hear the input bearing on the fm145 goes bad almost always so I am wondering how much trouble it is to change that bearing? also what options do I have for swapping in a different trans, i assume that the bell housing pattern is different then the gas engines in rangers so I would have to use my current bell housing so what transmissions will bolt to the bellhousing with no or little modification.

The first thing you need to find out is what tranny do you have. The easiest way to tell is to count the bolts on the bottom pan of the tranny.

12 bolts = Mitsubishi FM145
14 bolts = Toyo Kogyo TK5

After you identify what tranny you have then it is easier to assist you with some of your questions. It is also important to Know if you have a 2wd or a 4wd vehicle.

The input/throwout bearing is a very common failure on the FM145/TK5 because it is flimsy and cheap. I usually throw away the input bearing that comes on a new slave cylinder and I install a heavy duty CenterForce throwout bearing. When you compare the CenterForce Bearing to the other aftermarket bearings there is no comparison. Since it takes 4-5 hours to replace a throwout bearing, I think it more than worth the extra $100 for the Centerforce bearing.

There are several differences and similarities with gas and diesel drivetrains. The 2.3 mitsubishi turbo diesel used a diesel specific starter, flywheel, and bellhousing. The parts that are compatible with the 2.8, 2.9 gas rangers are the Clutch, pressure plate, pilot bearing, throwout bearing, slave cylinder, hydraulic clutch hose, transmission, Tcase, driveshafts etc.

So as long as you have your diesel specific starter, flywheel, and bellhousing you are good to go because all the other parts interchange with the other rangers.

The FM145 and TK5 are interchangeable, but they do not share any internal parts. I am partial to the FM145 but that's just me. I have had good luck with the FM145.

No special modifications are neededto swap a 2.8 or 2.9 gas tranny into your 2.3 diesel as long as it is the same transmission, same drive(2wd or 4wd) and same manufacturer. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.


10-18-2010, 05:33 PM
Question 1: Your auto will not bolt straight to the diesel. The bolt pattern is wrong.

Question 2: Bronco came with both C5 and A4LD at some point. I dunno about if they came on the diesels though.

Question 3: The bell housing is removable and I think they can be swapped around from the auto to the manual and vice versa. Not sure about how you'd control it though. I'm guessing an A4LD wouldn't be happy about no engine input to the computer.

10-18-2010, 06:42 PM
thanks for that info,i know nothing about ford trannies,im a honda and nissan car guy....lol.
only 4x4 i know about is my 87 dodge power ram w150.
im learning this ford info though!
once again thanx for the info!