View Full Version : No CEL or ABS or cruse or knobs for heat/fan light up!!!

12-21-2009, 08:52 PM
I'm new to the forum, and this place made me want to buy a ranger SO I DID:yahoo: Now the demons that are haunting me are...

In the dash my dimmer works and all the gauges, and when the key is forward the battery light, seatbelt, and door ajar light come on(all red lights) but when i start up the truck the cluster indacation lights shut off like they should , but why don't i have an (yellow) ABS LIGHT or the DREADED CHECK ENGINE light???? I need it on because i'll be driving and out of now where about every 30 mins it will start beeping at me 5-8 times then stops and i do have my seatbelt on. I would hate for the truck to blow up because i couldn't see the warning light. FYI It runs great right now too.

Oh and the key switch for the passenger air bag doesn't light up eather on or off and i have no dome light or Cargo light or 3rd break light WFT HELP MEEEE ...:icon_confused:

So I've checked the fuses in the cab, but i think i'm missing one or two black relay's under the hood...
Could that be it and if not how do i take apart my dash if i need to replace the stupid yellow light bulb in the dash/cluster
or this really sounds like a computer thing or a main fuse thing or a ground thing because i have more then just the CEL off.

Multipal lights are out and i doubt they are all connected. like the three knobs for the heat/ac fan temp control. How do those light up?

Now i did replace my factory radio with an aftermarket cd player...

So basiclly i'm asking how do you get you CEL to turn on... LOL
Thanks in advance for any help or input you guys can give me....