View Full Version : Rough idle on 3.0L 2001 Edge

04-12-2011, 11:37 AM
It first started as a CEL with no specific code, just -ignition-. And the reader used was a basic unit which only displayed codes and reset the light. So I thought 'time to look into the spark plugs and wires'. I read in another post that the original spark plugs had 2 and 3 letters (CG, CGM?) so I checked the plugs and yes, they had the letters. So the original Motorcraft plugs lasted 130k and gained a .020 extra gap. Not bad considering our nice 'Canadian' weather. I went to the Canadian tire (opened on sundays), got some equivalent plugs, changed them and all seemed good.


3 hours later on the road, the motor jerks like it's trying to rip itself off the Ranger and the CEL blinks than stays on then blinks then...

So I though (fuuuuuuuuu...) bad plugs, got one which imploded in a cylinder. I go back home, check the plugs, they are all good. So I started cleaning the MAF and the throttle body. Still ran rough. Checked for disconnected wires/hoses, the usual things we do. I didn't find a thing.

Took the truck to the dealer yesterday.

The verdict just came back, Coil pack coil #1 went on permanent vacation. The part costs $178.00 and I asked them to also change the spark plug wires out of security (about $75.00).

I expected the dealer to mentien the camshaft position sensor or some other sensor. The dealer told me that the camshaft position sensor rarely fails 'up here'.

I'll change the fuel fillter when I get the truck back.