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2002 Ford Ranger Lightning Bolt
2002 Ford Ranger Lightning Bolt

2002 Ford Ranger Lightning Bolt

Filed in Concept Vehicles by on March 15, 2003 • views: 487

Now we’re all familiar with the automakers’ practice of building wild, one-off vehicles for the auto show circuit. Most are just flashy come-ons, designed to excite show-goers, while a few are thinly veiled looks at upcoming production models. But still others are hot-rodded versions of existing designs, and it’s often this last type that stirs […]


Ford Ranger T6 & 46-Inch Tires views: 987

I thought I would throw another Ford Ranger T6 in to the mix this month, since they’ll be going in to production here in the U.S. this fall. Based on the headlights, I can see that this is a 2011-2014 Ford Ranger T6 from Thailand. The 2015-2018 Ford Ranger T6 (like we’re getting) has a […]

Tribute to Manny Esquerra views: 970

One of the greatest off-road racing legends, and Ford Ranger drivers, was Manny Esquerra. He died of a heart attack at the age of 64, while driving 1400-class Trick Truck #18 in the BlueWater Resort & Casino – Best in the Desert Parker 425 on February 2, 2008. Other drivers and co-riders listed included Tracy […]

1983 Ford Ranger D-Ranged views: 962

The body lines of the 1983-1988 Ford Ranger will probably always be my favorite. When I saw this truck, I felt that it needed to be preserved here at This 1983 Ford Ranger was owned and built by Chick Deitz of Pennsylvania, and is a grand national champion show vehicle. After competing and winning car […]

1999 Ford Ranger Powerforce Concept views: 1408

Not all concepts reach for new expressions, forms, technologies or structures. Some, in fact probably most, are mildly-altered recognizable variants of production vehicles. Tailored to specific applications, markets or styles, these concepts seek to explore the market’s acceptance of mild alterations or reactions to hints of coming features. Ranger Powerforce is one such hint of […]