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2002 Ford Ranger Lightning Bolt
2002 Ford Ranger Lightning Bolt

2002 Ford Ranger Lightning Bolt

Filed in Concept Vehicles by on March 15, 2003 • views: 182

Now we’re all familiar with the automakers’ practice of building wild, one-off vehicles for the auto show circuit. Most are just flashy come-ons, designed to excite show-goers, while a few are thinly veiled looks at upcoming production models. But still others are hot-rodded versions of existing designs, and it’s often this last type that stirs […]


Ford Hints At Ford Ranger Raptor For The U.S. views: 1024

The new Raptor Ranger was unveiled Wednesday (02/07/2018) at a press conference in Thailand, and Ford took pains to say that what you’re seeing is the Asia Pacific market version of this truck. The question everyone is asking though, is whether the Raptor version will be offered here in North America. That’s still to be […]

Mr Bossley’s 2008 Ford Ranger Overlander views: 971

Have you been wheeling this winter? I love a cool Ford Ranger (no pun intended). I love them even more when I can watch the build of the truck as it progresses with the owners vision. Case in point is this 2008 Ford Ranger FX4 4×4 owned by forum member Mr. Bossley. The truck went […]

The 2019 Ford Ranger Debut – Our Take views: 3491

By Jim Oaks: My days of owning and working on Rangers go back to 1992. During that time, I’ve came to own and work on various generations of them. I like them so much, I created The Ranger Station back in 1999. When Ford contacted me and asked me if I wanted to come and […]

Greater Product Support – 2019 Ranger views: 1135

The 2019 Ford Ranger is just around the corner. Watch for it’s debut at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show. Some long time Ford Ranger owners aren’t that crazy about the new looks, and they worry about the price. But when the price is announced, remember that a 2018 Ford F-150 4×4 is $40,000+, and the […]